Safety Tips When Visiting The Underground River

If you are a person who likes visiting adventurous places, then a tour to an underground river will be one of its kind. The good news is that there are several places offering such fascinating sceneries in the world, and the underground river palawan Puerto Princesa is one of them.

Indeed, if you did not know, Puerto Princesa is the longest and navigable underground river in the world. Yes, it is not only the longest, but it offers other fascinating features such stalactites, stalagmites, stunning rock formations, as well as the diverse ecosystem.

Truly, a trip to this outstanding site will be a memorable moment. However, just like any other vocational trip, safety is one of the key factors to consider and keep in mind. Of course, accidents and injuries ruin the flavor the memorable trips.

Safety tips you need to consider

1. Wear safety gear and follow instructions to themUnderground River

Actually, before any underground river, it is so that you protect your body from any unforeseen calamities by wearing safety gear, which includes devices such as a life jacket and a hard hat.

It is highly advisable that you do not take them off until the end of the tour. Wearing protective gear is not enough; you need to listen carefully to the instructions from your tour guide or the boatman.

2. Swim with great caution

Although swimming inside an underground river is not recommended, as advised by the tour guide, taking a refreshing dip at shallow grounds makes your trip more fascinating. If you want to swim, then you need to be extra vigilant as you take note of waves.

Incidents of drowning caused by strong waves are quite common. Again, whether you are confident with your swimming skills or not, you are advised to swim wearing a life jacket.

3. Do not tease or feed monkeys or any other creatures in the area

Typically, you will fpeople on beachind plenty of animals and insects habiting the underground river. At Puerto Princesa for instance, you will see monkeys, giant monitor lizards, bats, sea snakes, Python, and other wildlife. It is advisable that you do not offer them food to make come closer.

Rather, it is best to enjoy watching them at a safe distance. When looking at the hanging bats, you are advised to keep your mouth closed. Moreover, be sure to hold onto you belongs since monkeys love grabbing and stealing food from visitors. Also,
refrain from bringing plastic bags.

4. Apply insect repellents

As stated in the previous section, underground rivers are the host to many insects such as mosquitoes. A bite from a mosquito is quite dangerous, which means you need toward yourself as much as possible lest you get infected with malaria. Therefore, applying insect repellent is inevitable.