Isla Mujeres – Paradise on Earth

Isla Mujeres is a paradise-like destination situated in the Central America on the place of the old Maya tribes, also still carrying on their vast and interesting traditions. Along with the traditions, they borrowed from their predecessors also the stories of the pirates that used to howl the seas in order to become richer, more powerful, and respected among other pirates.


In the historic times, pre-Columbian to be more exact, this island was the place of serving the Mayan goddess responsible for childbirth and healthcare, respectively medicine, on her name, Ix Chel. The present name of the island, Isla Mujeres, was given by the Spanish at their first arrival, approximately in the 16th century, because of the multiple statues and drawings that would represent the female sacred goddesses that would rule
over this land.

A temple, which was standing up since the times of the Mayans, used to be found on this island, but a tragic event in 1988 destroyed most of the temple, leaving only the foundation and a really small part of the temple that used to be once. The tragic event is the Hurricane Gilbert, one that challenged this land pretty hard.


The popularity of this vacation destination, nowadays, is up to the sky and continuously rising as the views and conditions offered on Isla Mujeres are some of the best from the entire world. The atmosphere is always relaxing, allowing the visitors and the tourists to lay back and get away from all the problems that they are usually confronting with, giving the impression of a true paradise that is standing here on earth.


aquatic activityThe island is placed in the middle of the ocean, allowing the tourists to have access to Pacific at any time they want. This condition attracts the tourists that have a high interest in scuba diving as well as fishing, and not the last, snorkeling.

From the beaches, the water seems like an infinite, vast, blue blanket that would sometimes reflect the perfect sun that is standing above. The same blanket is slowly and gently covering the white sand that would offer the perfect massage to the feet while also keeping itself warm.


The people from the Isla Mujeres are very kind and welcoming, but their true wish is to keep their island clean and charming. During the whole year, on the island, we can find tourist eager to relax with friends, with their new spouses or with families.

Also, in the middle of the island, there we can find a Mexican naval base, so that the entire place would be safe no matter what.


playing golfAmong the best activities offered on Isla Mujeres include relaxation. There are a lot of other activities that can be done in order to spend some quality time on the island. There you can scuba dive, among the dolphins and fishes in order to see the aquatic life or you can fish, as a hobby or as a sport.

But, besides this aquatic related activities, you can also practice some other, more exotic sports, like golf, for example. There, on the island, there are some pretty fancy fields for gold, and also all the kit can be rented including the cart as there is Isla Mujeres Golf Cart Rentals on the island.

To conclude, Isla Mujeres can be a perfect vacation destination either for the people that are looking for relaxation and quietness, or for the ones who want to experiment some new, more exotic activities.

By Vickie Nielsen

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