Wine Tours

Top Benefits of Guided Wine Tours

If you wonder if you should go on a self-guided tour of a vineyard or a group wine tour, a wine tour is a much better option in many ways. Though you do not need to be an expert to visit vineyards, you will enjoy the experience derived from wine tours more if you have some basic knowledge about wines. Besides basic understanding, there are various other reasons to go on wine tours.

Professional Tour Guidinggreen garden

Your tour will be conducted by an experienced guide who will chalk out an itinerary which fits your schedule and includes vineyards with a wide selection of wineries for an enhanced tasting experience. You can choose between full and half day tour and even perhaps arrange to get picked up at your hotel doorstep. If required, you can opt for a tour which also has stops at restaurants, historic sites, shops and other scenic destinations.


Wine tours are a much safer option as the tours are state licensed and fully insured. Moreover, there is no worry of driving. If you opt to drive yourself to save the costs of a tour, you have to be careful you don’t overindulge in wine tasting. On the contrary, if you opt for wine tours, their expert driver will do all the driving while you relax and enjoy yourself absorbing the sights and wine.

Good For Special Occasions

Wine tours help mark a great vacation or special event. So if you are celebrating a wedding shower, anniversary or any other special occasion, wine tours prove an excellent means of making the occasion even more memorable. You and your guests will enjoy yourselves socializing and enjoying your time together on the tour.

Various Destinations

wine glassesYou may not enjoy your self-guided tour as you won’t be aware of all the wineries worth visiting. On the contrary, wine tour guides not only know which wineries you should visit but also have industry connections and insights which will give your tour a more meaningful and educational experience.

Saves Times and Money

If you think you will save money going on a self-guided wine tour, think again. If you are not familiar with the area, you may end up going in circles finding the way around some of the vineyard’s back roads. You end up wasting time and fuel and thus spoil the excitement of the tour. Wine tours are much better as the guide knows the area like the back of their hand so that you can relax and enjoy yourself visiting all the wineries and tasting all the wine.

By Vickie Nielsen

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