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The Importance of Bash Plates For Your Next Off-Road Adventure

There’s no greater asset than having a mammoth truck with massive tires and large truck nuts hanging from your truck’s hitch. With this you feel that all other trucks have nothing on yours, but not so fast. Let us first ensure your vehicle is well armored for the task that awaits. The offroad visibility is critical for any driver when driving. We are talking about bash plates, ground clearance and so on and only then can you thump your chest in anticipated glory!

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Bash plates

Though you may have done all the proper preparations regarding ground clearance, going off-road can cause severecar show room damage to your truck especially if you are looking to go for a rocky adventure. This is where bash plates come in to protect your vehicle’s undercarriage.

You can get rock sliders to safeguard your rocker panels, a transfer case bash plate that will potentially ensure you don’t go back home on foot and a gas tank bash plate to protect your truck from bursting into flames. Bash plates are also an amazing way to safeguard your oil pan, differentials and all other delicate components on your truck’s underside.

Ground clearance

If traversing the roughest of terrains is part of your next off-road adventure, then you want to make sure that there’s a lot of real space on your car’ underside and the terrain you will be traversing. Without taking the necessary measures, you are likely to incur a lot of losses from the underbody damage caused by going over boulders, rocks and tree stumps. Additionally, you may find yourself hanging from the center as your underbody gets caught by large objects.

Four wheel articulation

red carThe first rule of off-roading is to have all your wheels properly balanced. This is the only way you are going to keep all your wheels on the road with the necessary traction. Most off-roaders opt for a solid axle as compared to an independent suspension as this provides greater articulation of the wheels especially if your sway bar has been disconnected. If however you are planning to off-road in a desert terrain, then an independent suspension is going to provide you with a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

Also, remember to get a foursome of mud terrain tires that have deeper grooves and treads thus providing you with greater traction. Once you get the trail, air down your tires for maximum traction and stability. But, whatever you do, don’t forget to get yourself some great bash plates.