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Hotel Accommodation When On Vacation at El Nido

El Nido, Palawan is a town municipality in the Philippines with plenty of tourist attraction sites that are breathtaking and enjoyable. The city is in Palawan Islands which is famous for its White sand beaches where most tourists like to visit and have fun in the sand. The Island is also home to extensive coral reefs, making it the best sought after holiday destination for the majority of tourists.

Being a gateway to the famous dive sites, it also attracts divers from across the globe who come to spend their time and skill enjoying the sport. With a large number of tourists streaming to El Nido Palawan, accommodation is paramount. Tourist do bookings at el nido palawan hotels  in order to get the best service. There is an array of hotels to make bookings and ensure your stay is comfortable.

Accommodation Hotels In El Nido

Rovic’s Tourist Hotelswimming pool

The hotel is located near the beach to make it easy for occupants to visit the beach at any designated time. The hotel has state of the art amenities which making your stay comfortable and appealing thus adding flavor of the tour. The hotel has 39 well-furnished rooms with all the latest technological enhancements for its occupants to enjoy their stay.

It has extensive luggage storage facilities with safe deposit box at the front desk which caters for all the expensive jewelry, cash and important documents that might need safe keeping.

La Salangane Hotel

The hotel is located in a serene environment the hotel is accessible by all means of transport including road, rail, and air travel. The hotel has spacious rooms which are available on demand and after booking. It has a restaurant where one can order his/her favorite cuisine made by top rated chefs in the hotel industry. Tourists can order their favorite meals or have the local El Nido delicacy for a change. With free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel, visitors can catch up with the world news and stories that are trending via the internet making them feel just at home.

Nido Bay Inn

It is view on beachconsidered as the best accommodation spot in El Nido, boasting of self-contained rooms completely fitted with air conditioners to make all rooms fresh and able to regulate temperatures to desired heights. The hotel has dry cleaning services for all its occupants including clothes ironing and other laundry services. Security at the hotel is top notch with ample secure parking for cars and also has a playground for kids to play.

With numerous tourist attraction sites in El Nido Palawan, the Island boasts of extensive and modern hotel facilities to accommodate a large number of holidaymaker.

By Vickie Nielsen

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