Critical Info on Rome Attraction Tickets

The greatest challenge when visiting Rome is deciding between what to do and what not to do. There are so many must-visit museums, piazzas, archeological attractions, churches and paintings that getting enough time to see all is virtually impossible. The thing about Rome is that it’s a much laid back city so you shouldn’t try to get so much on your plate otherwise you won’t explore the real magic of Rome. Sightseeing tours in Rome is one of the major tourist attraction in the city.

The trick with Rome is to take it a day at a time and with Rome attraction tickets, you can be sure of seeing all the major hot spots within the shortest time, so you still get time to enjoy the best food ever in pavement cafeterias.

Some of the great attractions you should visit are

The Colosseum

This is perhaps the most famous ruin in the world with half of it being a sports arena and the other half being a statues circus. If you enjoyed watching Spartacus, you are going to have a real ball touring where gladiators and wild animals passed through as they went to perform. You get to experience the actual history and greatness of the Colosseum firsthand.

Borghese Gallery

If you are an artsy kind of tourist, then this is a gallery you don’t want to skip. It’s without a doubt the largest art collection in the world that was assembled by Cardinal Scipione Borghesein his garden villa back in the 17th century.

Though not all the original art pieces are still there, your eyes will receive the greatest artistic feast they’ve ever seen. Don’t be in a hurry when going to the Borghese Gallery as there are so many things to see.

Domus Romane

This is located right below the Rome Provincial Councils offices. It’s a recently excavated home that features great masonry and computer graphics that produce beautiful effects. If you book a tour, you’ll get to hear the rich history of the Domus Roman as you get decorating ideas that you can take home with you and incorporate into your home, so you always have a unique piece of Rome.

The best eat outs

old statueNow a trip to Rome wouldn’t be complete without sampling the delicious Italian cuisine. There are so many fabulous hotels in Rome that if you started eating in the morning, you still would be through with sampling food from the different hotels come sundown.

The important thing is to identify which hotels are best for pizza, lasagna, gelato and any of your favorite food. Get yourself some Rome attraction tickets and enjoy Italy!